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Monitoring Your Store with CCTV in Louisville KY

If you have a store in Louisville, KY or any big city, you need to make sure that it is protected. Typically, a store will have some glass in the storefront. The glass in the storefront could be a glass door or it could be an entire front wall that is made of glass. This allows customers to see into your store to see if they’d like to buy something. Also, it allows you to control the amount of light coming into your store. However, it also makes you vulnerable to intruders. Most criminals are opportunists who will only break into your store after they have seen something that they want. You can discourage most of them with a CCTV system.

Closed-Circuit Television

Closed-circuit television means that the cameras only deliver their feed to one or two televisions and not to an open number of televisions. This is used specifically for monitoring a store or facility. Security cameras are the most common example of CCTV in Louisville, KY. If you are trying to keep your store safe, you would definitely benefit from closed-circuit television.

Visit to see what kinds of televisions and cameras are available. You also will be able to see what kinds of installation and maintenance services are available.


Since most criminals are opportunists, CCTV will discourage any of them from breaking into your store. They will see the camera and decide that it’s not worth the risk. Even if they do take the risk, your security cameras will catch them in the act. It will make it much easier to determine who the criminals are and it also makes it easier to catch them. You’ll provide quality evidence to the police. Whatever the case may be, cameras are definitely helpful.