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3 Questions to Ask a Prospective Maid Service in Sugar Land TX

Hiring a maid service in Sugar Land TX is just as important as hiring a contractor. Not only will you have to provide the cleaners access to your home, but you’ll also have to make sure they do a good job.
If you’re looking for a maid service, you should ask plenty of questions during the vetting process. Here are three questions to ask a prospective maid service.

Is the company licensed and bonded?

While it’s true that you can save money by hiring an unlicensed person from a classified ad to clean your home, it’s not a wise decision. If the person gets injured in your home, you could be legally responsible for the injuries and missed work opportunities.
Why should you put yourself in that position just to save a few bucks? Hire a service that’s licensed and bonded. Be sure to ask for proof before you sign a cleaning service contract.

What is included in the cleaning service?

You shouldn’t assume that the cleaners will clean everything in your home. In some instances, you may have to pay extra for the cleaners to clean your windows, baseboards and other tough spaces.
Find out what you’re paying for when you agree to hire the cleaning service. By being proactive, you won’t be disappointed when you learn that certain cleaning services aren’t included in your contract.

Does the company conducts a background checks on its employees?

Conducting background checks on employees is important. After all, most people may not want people who have criminal backgrounds in their homes.
A maid service in Sugar Land TX can clean your home and get it in top condition. Whether you’re looking for a service for a special event or indefinitely, it’s a good idea to see what this service has to offer. Visit the Ready Set Maids – Sugar Land for more information.