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Common Medical Conditions Treated in Therapy for Veterans

It is very common for veterans to suffer from health issues, especially psychological problems and mental instability. The reasons for these issues can be great exposure to war situations, injuries, disturbing war memories, sexual trauma, financial stress after retirement, and a lot of other factors. There are a lot of medical conditions for which therapy for veterans is designed.

There are a lot of centers and facilities such as Creek and Timber Legacy that provide these therapy services. These medical conditions can include certain mental and psychological issues.

Misery and Depression

A lot of veterans suffer from health issues that lead them to feel depressed and suffer from misery and anxiety. After returning home, especially from intense war areas, veterans are reported to develop such issues. These issues can be treated with therapy and medications. Therapy for veterans provides that badly needed emotional support to overcome their bad experiences and see a reason for living happily.

PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)

PTSD is another very common mental health issue that veterans encounter. Its reasons can include war tragedies, sexual abuse, torture, and other life-threatening assaults. A veteran suffering from PTSD sees the disturbing event flashing back in thoughts and dreams. This really disturbs their physical and mental health. Therapy for veterans also deals with veterans suffering from PTSD.

TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

This is another very prevalent health issue in veterans. The chances of a veteran that has served in an intense military war suffering from traumatic brain injury are 1 in 5. This injury happens when someone receives a hit on their head that damages their brain. TBI may disturb some brain functions of the injured temporarily. These cases can also be treated by therapy and medication.