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Why Your Team in Orange County, CA Needs to Understand the RCRA

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) ensures the proper handling and control of hazardous waste. It was passed in 1976, recognizing that hazardous waste can seriously threaten human health if not handled properly. Every business that deals with hazardous waste must have a clearly defined and written policy about what’s allowed and what isn’t. Ongoing training can enhance your ability to maintain a safe work environment.

Empowering Employees

All employees should know your internal policies and procedures concerning hazardous waste. A primary reason to provide training on the RCRA in Orange County, CA is to empower your employees. While it would be nice if all employees came equipped with a comprehensive understanding of best practices for handling hazardous waste, that is usually not the case. Employees who do not fully understand what’s required by law are less likely to comply. Trained personnel feel more empowered to make decisions that keep everyone safe.

Reducing Risk

Making decisions that reduce risk in the workplace is critically important, which usually works best when you cultivate a safety-conscious workforce, starting with the management team. Managers must have the right mindset concerning safety for employees across the company to prioritize it. Training can significantly reduce risk because it equips everyone with the knowledge needed to identify a problem and find a solution. Matters of safety require immediate attention, which is why everyone must be capable of responding appropriately and quickly.

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