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Framework Solutions, Inc. – Pharma Process Coordinator

Leaders in the Arena of Promotional and Medical Reviews Offer Expertise in Targeted Strategy, Insights, and Analytics

As a Pharma Process Coordinator, Framework Solutions strives to establish dynamic content management in the Life Science and Pharmaceutical Industries. As professionals, we excel at helping businesses operate more efficiently and improve their Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) processes, enhance their use of technology, optimally train staff, and perform operational wellness assessments.

Highly Experienced in Coordination Services

After decades of working with Pharmaceutical and Life Science Companies, Framework Solutions, Inc. has expedited the analysis and subsequent approval of more than 500,000 assets for clients ranging from late-stage clinical to market-leading profit-making companies.

Superior Editorial Services for Submission of Reviews

First working with clients to establish guidelines for submission of quality reviews, Framework Solutions partners with stakeholders to make sure submitted materials follow brand protocol, FDA guidelines, and standard operating procedures (SOP).

Digital Asset Management (DAM) Services Assure Optimal Organization

Framework’s Librarian Service Team will perform the following services:

  • Contribute oversight for all submitted materials
  • Perform quality checks on assets
  • Follow operational standards in managing asset details and all metadata
  • Working with stakeholders, check for accuracy and completeness of metadata
  • Generate metadata for images, text, video, and audio
  • Report vital DAM metrics to management

Framework Solutions team works with the company’s Department of Regulatory Submissions to free up time for management to focus on creativity.

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