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When Is a Personal ID Required with a Credit or Debit Card Purchase

When you purchase with a credit card, you may have noticed that you are sometimes asked to present a photo ID and other times not. The purpose of the merchant asking for an ID with a card transaction is to reduce their exposure to fraud by someone presenting a card that they do not own. If your business uses a restaurant POS system, you may want to consider when to ask for identification from the customer.

Required or Not?

Many merchants ask to see an ID, but generally, they cannot require it except to confirm a minimum age requirement for tobacco and alcohol purchases. If the credit card is signed on the back, a merchant cannot insist on seeing an additional ID from the customer.

Why Customers May Be Reluctant

Some customers are hesitant to show an ID because of its information. A government-issued driver’s license or ID card will probably show your address, age, and other personal items.

So, the situation is that merchants are asking to see additional ID to avoid being saddled with a fraudulent purchase, and buyers are reluctant to show an ID because it can reveal personal information that might then be part of identity theft. Despite these conflicting positions, card purchases remain an attractive payment option.

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