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Tips on Decorating Your Tree with Christmas Ornaments

After Thanksgiving, many individuals get excited to start decorating for Christmas. Decorating your Christmas tree is a popular family and friend activity. After picking the perfect tree, you and your family take turns one by one hanging up Christmas ornaments. Some ornaments may be homemade while others are store-bought. They make each family’s tree beautiful and unique.

Lights First

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun family project. You will create memories as you laugh remembering how you acquired each ornament. Others prefer decorating their Christmas tree on their own, creating the perfect aesthetic design. It is highly recommended to hang lights and garland before the Christmas ornaments. Ornaments get in the way, fall, and break if you attempt to hang the lights or garland second. It is also easier to see if the lights are spaced and working correctly. If one light malfunctions, you may have an entire section of the tree that is not lit properly. Testing the lighting before hanging Christmas ornaments will save you time and stress.


There are many different types of Christmas ornament hangers. You can use ribbon, twine, wire, or hooks. Whatever hanger you choose, ornaments should hang freely around your tree. If your tree is bumped into, and the ornament is not properly secured, it will fall and break. Pets also pose a risk for ornaments to fall. Using sturdier hangers such as wire will keep your Christmas ornaments secured to your tree better than ribbon. If you have young children, they may also be tempted to pull lower-hanging ornaments off the tree. For more information, please visit The Christmas Palace.