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3 Ways Roof Gutter Cleaning Will Prevent Damage to Your Puyallup Home

How often you schedule roof gutter cleaning in Puyallup, WA, will depend on several factors, but it should be done once every few months. If your home is surrounded by trees or if you experience harsh seasons, you should have the gutters on your home cleaned more often. Your goal should be to keep the gutters clean consistently throughout the year to help you avoid serious damage to your home.

Heavy Gutters Put Stress on Your Home

As the gutters on your home fill up with leaves, sticks, and other types of debris, they will become heavier. This added stress will cause the gutters to pull away from your home. In doing so, the gutters may pull at your roofing materials and siding, causing damage to these parts of the house.

Gutter Blockages Lead to Water Damage

When debris is allowed to accumulate in your gutters, blockages will form and prevent the easy flow of water. When it rains heavily, that rainwater will overflow and spill over the sides. This leads to water damage to your siding and roofing materials. Eventually, the water will seep inside and destroy the interior of your home as well.

Gutters Make Great Pest Nests

Debris may also be brought into your gutters by rodents and other pests as they look for ways to build nests. Scheduling a regular roof gutter cleaning in Puyallup, WA, will help you eliminate nests and reduce pest problems. Getting rid of nesting materials will chase pests away and keep them from infesting your home.

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