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What to Expect from Your Customized Sales Consultation

To improve your sales numbers, you should start by taking a step back to evaluate your current approach. What works? What needs improvement? The answers to these questions can be difficult to answer on your own since you and your team members have a personal investment in your company and in one another.

Working with an outside industry expert can help. If you are interested in having a third-party professional work with your sales team in a custom sales consultation, it is important to know what to expect. While the services of every provider will vary slightly, here are some general rules for what you should expect to receive as part of your sales consultation:

Describe and Demonstrate

First, your consultant should highlight some key areas where your salesforce is doing well. They should also break down some areas where your team could improve as well as provide some techniques for achieving this.

Then, your team will be best served by a consultant who is able to demonstrate the techniques for improvement they have recommended. Through demonstration, they can help your team better understand what is expected of them and what it looks like when it is being done correctly.


A good consultant should observe trainees to determine how well they retained the information that was shared with them. Do they have any lingering questions? Is there still room for improvement? The only way to know for sure is to observe the trainees as they try their newly learned techniques in real time.

Provide Feedback

Of course, the most important part of the customized sales consultation is offering meaningful feedback. It verifies that your team has heard, understood, and implemented the techniques your consultant has covered. It also gives the consultant an opportunity to provide additional ideas or suggestions that they think might improve your team’s approach moving forward.

Do not settle for a company that offers anything less than the three key steps laid out in this article. Without any one of them, your training will not be complete, and you will not be receiving the full value of your investment.

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