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A Quick Look at the Asbestos Removal Process and Cleanup in Texas

Finding the right asbestos removal contractor is essential. The contractor has to be familiar with the local, state, and federal laws of abatement and must be properly certified. Here are a few things to expect with residential asbestos removal in Texas.

The abatement contractor follows a plan that has been prepared by an industrial hygienist. The plan includes how the asbestos will be removed. It also includes all the preparation that needs to be done and how the cleanup process will take place. The plan must be in line with local, state, and federal laws.

After the plan has been drawn up, the hazardous area needs to be clearly marked. Everyone in the residential building must leave until the work has been completed. Testing will be done after the asbestos removal to ensure that all residents can return.

When preparing for residential asbestos removal in Texas, the team will set up the area that will be worked on. This includes disabling the HVAC system, sealing air ducts, and ensuring that thick plastic sheets seal off areas where air can move. The next step is removing the material that contains asbestos. Protective clothing is worn by the contractors. They also use respirators to protect themselves. All items that contain asbestos are sealed in bags. Proper cleanup is essential after removing the asbestos.

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