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The Facts About Double Glazing in Gravesend – How Does it Work?

Windows on properties around the United Kingdom are being updated at a rapid rate, because homeowners are discovering the benefits associated with double glazing in Gravesend. Unlike a single pane of window that provides poor insulation, windows that have two panes of glass with air trapped between them will retain heat. This means better energy savings and a more secure home. Heating and cooling bills can be lowered in a double glazed home, and there is some level of science behind the way in which these windows work.

Improved Insulation

A normal window will have a single pane, whereas double glazing in Gravesend will be constructed with air-tight panes of glass. The air trapped in-between these panes will act as a barrier against heat loss. Air will be unable to circulate easily because of the narrow gap, and thanks to conduction and convection, the rate of heat loss will be reduced significantly. Installation for these windows does tend to take longer, but when you consider the benefits it is certainly worth it.

Reduced Sound Transmission

Do you live on a busy road or in the city? If so, you might want to get a bit of peace and quiet once in a while. What better way to do this than by reducing sound transmission with double glazing in Gravesend? Unwanted noise can be reduced greatly thanks to the extra pane of glass, and this could raise the property’s value. Ask builders about acoustic glass, because this is an even better option if sound reduction is important to you. In fact, noise disruptions can be lowered by up to 75 percent with a secondary glazing sound insulation system. Specification, quality and installation should be given a lot of thought before you invest.

Secure Framing

All types of double glazing in Gravesend will be secured in some kind of frame. You will have the freedom of choosing a frame colour and material that appeals to you. Did you know that the insulation properties associated with these windows can be affected by more than 30 percent based on the frame you select? PVC, aluminium and timber are some popular choices, but a trusted builder should be able to advise you on long-life window frames that are worth investing in. If you’re more focused on style, choose wood for its resilience and various finishes.

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