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Maximizing an MBBS Scholarship

No matter where a student completes his or her MBBS, finding ways to maximize the ability to obtain a scholarship to offset the cost of tuition is a simple way to reduce the cost of education. The traditional type of MBBS scholarship is typically a set amount provided for one year of the program. In many cases, the scholarship is a very small amount of the total cost for the student and the family.

There are other types of scholarship programs offered through various organizations for students studying in the country or abroad. The criteria for these scholarships are often very narrow and limits the number of students who can even apply. Many scholarships are awarded to a single student, while others may offer smaller amounts to a larger number of successful applicants.

A Tuition Scholarship

One of the most generous types of MBBS scholarship is a tuition scholarship offered for MBBS students going to a specific medical university. These scholarships are not limited to just one or a small number of students. They are open to any student who meets the criteria, which is typically full-time attendance and working with an academic advisory group.

Students obtaining this type of MBBS scholarship can earn up to a 40% reduction in tuition from the university. This savings is substantial and makes an MBBS program affordable for many students and families.

Keep in mind, students can also apply for a PG in the USA to earn money during their residency. This, combined with the tuition, can easily pay for the cost of the MBBS program.