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5 Things About a Custom Cupola

In roofing systems, a cupola refers to architectural flourishes commonly seen on top of homes, cathedrals, government offices, and other buildings. Here are some of the benefits they offer.


The cupola accentuates the height of your building. It creates a focal point that draws interest. If you want your home or building to stand out, then the addition of a custom cupola will help you produce the right look and impression.


Cupolas come in a variety of designs, one of which includes louvered vents. These vents boost air circulation in the attic, allowing moist air to get out. This prevents mildew and mold from growing in those places which are vulnerable to the effects of humidity. The cupola also makes it easier to cool your home, so your air conditioning system should work much more efficiently.

Natural Light

Vents also allow for natural light to come inside select rooms, areas, or spaces. You’ll want to talk to your contractor about where to best position your cupola so you can take advantage of even more natural light.


When you order a custom-made cupola, you get to your set requirements and can have one made with even more durable material. Reputable makers offer a lineup of high-quality materials that you can choose for your cupola.


When you choosing a material for your cupola, consider potential future needs. Think about durability and maintenance work for the structure. What costs will that material generate? What about repairs? Make sure you have enough in your budget to handle any unforeseen costs.

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