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Qualifying For a Free Government Phone in Vermont

The Lifeline Program is a federal program that provides access to cell phones for low-income families living in Vermont. There are specific requirements to be able to apply for a free government phone. Understanding these qualifying factors can help you to determine if you are eligible for the program.

To qualify for a free government phone, you must be a resident of Vermont. In addition, you can apply online if you already receive SNAP, SSI, Veteran’s or Survivor’s Benefits, Medicaid, or if you receive aid through tribal programs. Other individuals earning less than 135% of the federal poverty income limits can also complete an application. There may be other ways to qualify for these phones if you are currently receiving assistance through other government programs.

What to Expect

Providers participating in the program must use the guidelines of the Lifeline Program for qualifying residents of the state. Once qualified, people choose from the smartphone models available through the program.

These smartphones offer the latest in features and options. They are the same makes and models sold at different cell phone distributors across the country. It is also possible to use an existing smartphone on the program by simply contacting the Lifeline Program service provider and activating your existing phone if you’d like to keep the one you have.

The free government phone Vermont that you receive through the Lifeline Program also comes with a plan that allows you to make unlimited calls and text, unlimited data, set up voicemail, and use all smartphone features. This includes checking email, browsing online, and even downloading apps. These phones are an ideal way to stay in touch with employers, look for jobs, or to stay in touch with friends and family.