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How to Pick a Printing Shop for Fine Art Reproduction in Lancaster, PA

Finding a print shop that supports your business can be difficult. You’ve spent countless hours working on your art, so you want a company that will ensure the reproduction of your work is perfect. If you’re looking for a printing company, here’s helpful advice on how to figure out which ones are worth your time, money, and effort.

Look at Printed Samples

Whether you are looking to print brochures, posters, or fine art reproduction in Lancaster, PA, reviewing printed samples from a company gives you an idea of what that company can do. Is the quality of the print job good enough or does it exceed your expectations? Are the colors consistent? Make sure you’re happy with what you see before moving forward with a print company.

Ask About Volume Orders

Some companies can only handle small orders. Others have the equipment and staff to manage bigger tasks. Is there a minimum or maximum limit for the orders? Talk about the scope of the project and the order volume.

Talk About the Deadline

When do you need those materials? Can the company meet that deadline? Be sure to talk about project timelines when you reach out to a printing firm. Knowing the order volume and deadline can give service providers an idea of what they need to deliver and whether or not they can pull that off.

Assess Customer Service Level

Look for a company that offers excellent customer service. A company with good customer service communicates with you frequently. They listen to your requirements and stick to them. They understand the goals of your marketing campaigns, which makes it possible for them to print materials that support those goals.

Consider Your Budget

How much does it cost to have your materials printed? Printing and distributing colored materials will cost you. The thickness and quality of the material is a factor as well. Setting a realistic budget allows you to get the most value from a printing partner.

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