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What Florida Residents Should Know When Purchasing Trees and Plants Online

For plant lovers, the ability to purchase plants online and have them delivered is exciting. However, before you fill up your online shopping cart, consider the following tips. They will help you have the best online shopping experience when purchasing a hibiscus tree in Florida or any other tree or plant you are interested in.

It is important to have realistic expectations when purchasing online. The best way to set these expectations is by reading customer reviews. Previous customers of a specific company can offer a wealth of information. As you read about the products they offer, the shipping process, and their customer service, balance out all the reviews in order to get an overall idea of what working with a specific company is like. Also, pay attention to the fine print. This usually tells you if you will receive bare-root plants, young cuttings, or potted plants.

Consider the growing zone when purchasing trees and plants that will be placed outdoors. They have different temperature requirements. Online tools often section the United States into regions that show the average lowest winter temperatures. This is important when purchasing a hibiscus tree in Florida and other trees that typically thrive in tropical areas. Knowing what zone you live in and purchasing the appropriate plants and trees for the area is essential to the tree’s survival. Also, consider the plant’s growing requirements. Things to consider include soil type, light, and water.

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