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Three Helpful Care Tips for Your Bougainvillea Tree in Florida

A bougainvillea tree can add more color and beauty to your property. If you’re thinking of getting one of these trees, you’ll want to make sure that all the proper care advice is followed so that your bougainvillea tree can thrive and look its best. These three care tips can help you maintain your bougainvillea tree in Florida better.

Use the Right Amount of Fertilizer

Fertilizer can help your bougainvillea tree grow healthier, but using too much fertilizer can prevent the flowers on your tree from blooming. For the best results, you should dilute the fertilizer to half its strength and add it to your tree about every four weeks.

Provide Ample Sun Exposure

One of the main reasons why bougainvillea trees are so popular in Florida is because they thrive in the sun and heat. You’ll want to designate an area in your yard for your bougainvillea tree that receives at least six hours of unobstructed sunlight on most days.

Water When Necessary

Like all other forms of vegetation, bougainvillea trees need water to survive. However, bougainvillea trees don’t require as much water as other types of vegetation and can tolerate droughts well. It’s recommended that you give your bougainvillea tree a deep watering every three to four weeks, which is actually better for the tree than giving it shallow waterings more frequently.

Following these tips can help you grow and maintain the healthy and radiant bougainvillea tree that you want in your yard. If you’re ready to order a bougainvillea tree in Florida, take a look at what’s available at Plant Life Farms by visiting