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Using A 24 Hour Towing Service in San Antonio TX After Getting A Flat Tire

If someone notices their vehicle is making a bumping noise and they start having difficulty controlling the steering, there is a chance they have a sustained a flat tire. It is important to call a 24 hour towing service in San Antonio TX to aid in the changing of a tire if the person is unsure on how to do it themselves. If they do not have a spare, the towing service would be able to bring the vehicle to the garage of their choice to have the tire replaced.

It is important to drive the vehicle as far off the shoulder as possible after having a flat tire before calling the towing service. If the incident occurs during the daytime, the hazard lights can be put on to alert other motorists the vehicle has a problem. If the incident occurs at night, it is better not to use these lights as other motorists may think the vehicle is just driving slowly. This could cause an accident. Instead, the trunk can be popped into an open position, so drivers know the vehicle is not being driven. The interior light can be put on as well.

When waiting for a tow truck to arrive, the people in the vehicle should remain calm and leave their doors locked. They can call the police if they believe they are at risk on the roadway, and the police may place their car behind the disabled vehicle so other drivers will not bother them while waiting for a tow.

The tow truck will arrive and assess the situation before deciding if the tire can be changed at the location or if the vehicle should be towed to a garage. In some instances, a towing service would bring a donut tire so the person can drive their vehicle to a tire store or garage.

If someone is in need of a 24 hour towing service to help with a flat tire, they can call a reputable company in the area. The person can then have a tow truck dispatched to the scene if desired.