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Pet Owners – How to Cut Down On Dog Waste Odor Around Your Home

Most people see dogs as cute and loveable, which they are. However, responsibility comes with being a pet owner. When dogs use the bathroom, they leave behind an unpleasant poop and urine smell.

It is not only unpleasant but can be a carrier for parasites and bacteria. Read on to find out how to cut down on dog waste odor around your home.

Pick Up Waste

If your dog is trained, then you will have to take him outside of the home to use the bathroom. Dogs are picky about using the bathroom and have to find a spot. You may find dog poop in different areas of your yard. If you allow the waste to sit, it will bake in the sun and make your yard unpleasant.

Get Rid of the Waste

You will need to remove the poop to improve the smell. However, this job requires specific tools. You will need a scooper and a plastic bag. The scooper should be used to pick up the poop off the ground. It also helps to secure the bag and put it in a dog poop bag disposal container.

Use Disposal Container

There are containers on the market made especially for pet waste. A dog poop bag disposal container comes with an activated carbon air filter. It prevents trapped smells from escaping when it is time to empty the container.

Pet owners have a responsibility to clean up after their dogs. It helps to invest in tools that will make your job easier.