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CNC Machining Services for Manufacturing and Fabrication

CNC machining services in Ohio are available for projects of all different sizes and types. Several machining methods utilize CNC operations. This operating method is capable of cutting many kinds of raw material. It is a type of machining that is used in large, industrial-scale manufacturing to small, custom manufacturing or fabrication.

What is CNC Machining

This is a term used to describe the operating method used. It is a common misconception that a CNC machine conducts a specific type of action. In actuality, CNC stands for computer numerical controlled. A tool, that is operated via CNC, moves and makes cuts according to a computer program. Because the movements and operations are controlled by a computer, they are consistently precise and accurate. Tools and materials that are operated manually, by a human, tend to have slight errors in accuracy.

This type of operating system was developed to automate tooling, drilling, turning, and milling. The same cut can be made with the exact measurements and specifications millions of times without error. The same cannot be said of tools manipulated manually by a human.

Types of CNC Machinery

Again, CNC describes the method of operation and not the action of the machine or tool. Drilling, milling, and turning are all physical actions that can be controlled by CNC operation. There are also bandsaws that feature a CNC mode of operation.

Electrical Discharge Machining, or EDM, is another type of CNC machining that is often utilized. EDM is used when a part calls for a high level of intricacy or fine machining. This type of machining is only possible on materials that conduct electricity. If you are using aluminum, make sure it is a conductive alloy.

There are also machines that feature a different number of axis. Multiple axes allow for the tool to move in many directions around the material being cut. Tools with five and six-axis allow the material to move in multiple directions as well as the tool.

Take the time to find an operator experienced in the exact type of tooling or machining that you require. It is not uncommon for an operator to have the experience and knowledge to operate one machine only. It can take years to master and understand a single tooling method fully.