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Three Reasons to Fix the Expansion Joints in Your Texas Driveway

If there are cracks or depressions in your driveway, this can lead to injuries. Injuries can also occur if the wood between the concrete slabs is broken and sticking out or if weeds have now grown up between the slabs. Here are a few other reasons why driveway repair and driveway expansion joint replacement are important.

You want a home that looks attractive. This is important if you put it on the market in the near future or if a homeowner’s association requires you to keep your home looking a certain way. And it just feels good to pull up to a home that has pleasing aesthetics. A driveway with rotted or cracked pieces of wood between the concrete slabs looks unattractive. And it is such an easy repair that there is no reason why you should live with this problem.

Driveway expansion joint replacement will also extend the life of the driveway. The material between the slabs does more than just fill in the cracks. It helps to maintain the structure of the driveway. If the driveway is more than five years old and pieces of the wood in between the slabs have started to rot, they are broken, or they are missing, there are quick and easy ways to fix the problem. Removing the rotted pieces and weeds is simple. You can then replace the wood with a rubber material that will make the driveway look attractive and will help stabilize it.

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