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Visit One of Lancaster’s First Coffee Shops for Great Coffee and Food

There’s a coffee shop in Lancaster that has been serving people delicious food and coffee since 1983. The owners provide their guests with a place to eat, relax and feel welcomed. Dine-in or have an event catered by any one of their coffee shops in Lancaster, PA.

Order breakfast any time of the day at this charming eatery. Breakfast choices include eggs, hash browns, creamed chipped beef, buttermilk pancakes, French toast, baked oatmeal, and yogurt in a bowl with toppings. You can order eggs and veggies and cheese wrapped in a burrito. Avocado toast is on the menu. Breakfast sandwiches are available, too, and so are omelets. Delicious salads with homemade salad dressing like dill ranch can be ordered. They offer signature sandwiches, some of which are served on a grilled pretzel roll. Old favorites like the grilled cheese sandwich are on the menu, and you can have one with provolone or Swiss cheese instead of American cheese if that’s what you want. You can place an order of homemade soup, and there are platters and wraps for vegetarians. Coffee choices include coffee with two shots of espresso, latte, tea, and more. Also on the menu are desserts and foods for kids.

Coffee Co. has been providing a state of the art coffee experience in Lancaster and the nearby areas since 1983. Place your order online to save time.