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Creative Sound Design for Television, Games, Film and Communications Media

Sound designers manage the recording, production, and development of audio segments for use in television, film, video games, theaters, and more. Sound design services typically make use of existing recorded or composed audio material to create soundtracks or add sound effects.

What Design Engineers Do

Sound design services create sound environments that set a tone or create an atmosphere. They most often process sound digitally with tools that include samplers, synthesizers, and DAWs, short for digital audio workstations, that can mix sounds.

Creative Sound Design

Sound design services also draw from a range of sources, including sounds of nature or locations. Using these resources for creative inspiration, designers will often manipulate them to get fantastical effects and sounds that don’t exist.

Musical Scores

Sound designers can also match musical elements to visual events to set off the action. Soundtracks also help set the mood or create emotions. Musical sound design can also draw from multiple sources, including regional, electronic and experimental instruments to match a time period or get a unique sound.

Sound Design Facilities

Sound design services often have dedicated facilities and audio suites that handle post-production audio and even voice recording. Here, designers can manage podcasts, voice-overs or even full 5.1 Surround Sound mixes. Applications include:

  • Radio Commercials
  • Mixing for TV
  • Audio for Video
  • Licensed and Original Music
  • ADR
  • Translations
  • Multi-Lingual Programs
  • HD and SD Audio Laybacks
  • Noise Reduction

Award-Winning Sound Design

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