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Want to Reduce your Plastic Use in Canada? Try a Shampoo Bar

Although we very rarely think about what happens to our plastic shampoo bottles once we’re done with them, the truth is that they never really go away. They either end up in a landfill, or worse, in the ocean. However, there are some simple things we can all do to help reduce our plastic footprint. One of the best ways is by using plastic-free shampoo bars! Somewhat new to the market, these shampoo bars are quickly changing the way people wash their hair.

Help the Environment

The best part of using plastic-free shampoo bars in Canada is that you never have to buy another plastic shampoo bottle again. Just think about how many bottles you go through in a year! Shampoo bars are just like regular soap bars, and come in biodegradable packaging.

Lather Up for a Long Time

Shampoo bars work just as well, if not better than liquid shampoo. You can lather up a shampoo bar in your hands and transfer it to your hair. Shampoo bars also last for a long time, as they are more concentrated, which means they save you money, as well..

Home and Travel

Shampoo bars are also economical in terms of the space they take up. These powerful bars take up almost no room in your shower, which makes for a cleaner space. They are also great to travel with!

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