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Inexpensive Ways to Soundproof a Room in Your Melbourne Home

Whether you are looking for a place to record audio or you simply want to block out noise, there are several practical steps you can take to soundproof a space in your home. Here are a few inexpensive things you can do.

If there are windows in the room that you will be turning into a quiet space, you may want to use thick blankets or sound curtains to cover them. Another practical thing you can do is strategically place bookshelves in areas of the room to make the walls thicker or to cover windows. This is a pretty effective sound barrier, and can add a nice decorative touch. A door sweep is another practical thing you can install at the base of a door in order to block the gap.

You may want to purchase some acoustic ceiling panels in Melbourne. These will absorb low to high frequencies. Most come with an adhesive peel that makes them easy to place on the ceiling. If the acoustic ceiling panels you purchase in Melbourne do not have an adhesive peel, you can just use some glue or tape to put them in place. They will absorb any noise in the room, keeping your ears happy if you are trying to create a fortress of solitude. This is also beneficial if you are trying to get perfect recordings.

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