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Building a Disaster Emergency Telecommunications Network for Anchorage

Building a disaster emergency telecommunications network in Anchorage, AK has presented some unique challenges. Individuals who hoped to work with the equipment in question had to meet some unusual regulatory requirements, meaning they must undergo FCC Licensing before getting cleared to work with any hardware.

Fortunately, communications specialists were able to help local emergency workers get the documents they need to fill these demanding positions.

Meeting the FCC’s Stringent Requirements

For many years, disaster relief in the area was supplemented by individual volunteers working primarily with ARS or CBRS equipment. While they’ve performed to the best of their abilities, it has become obvious that the area needs staffers prepared to take things to the next level.

As some specialists began installing hardware to support the future of the disaster emergency telecommunications network Anchorage others began training candidates for general commercial radio license examinations. Depending on the specific license class, the candidate would have to study a certain number of questions that a proctor would later ask them when administering an exam.

Once an individual receives documentation from all relevant state and federal authorities, they still need to train with the specific type of telecommunications hardware they are planning to work with. While this process takes a while, the area has been well rewarded for it, and now has a group of highly skilled emergency communications professionals.

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