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Advantages of Custom Shelving in California

A heavy-duty Custom shelving in California is ideal for use in warehouses and showrooms which often need a solution for storing heavy goods. Steel is the most common material used for warehouses and storage facilities not only due to its strength but because of its durability over other materials.

Custom shelving and mezzanine systems allow for well-organized storage, offering the business unit easy access. A heavy-duty stainless-steel shelving system also provides a safer environment when dealing with the storage of heavy objects, as placing too many items on top of each other is a safety hazard.


Stainless-steel requires little maintenance compared to other metals, is easy to clean and resistant to corrosion. If the stainless-steel is powder coated with paint, this offers it extra protection against rust and scratches.

Stainless-steel is a non-porous metal and can withstand being cleaned many times a day with just about any cleaning solution or chemicals required to support a sanitary environment. It’s easy to clean nature makes it particularly suitable for storage of items which are greasy or oily.

The non-porous nature of stainless-steel offers the extra benefit that bacteria or viruses are unable to penetrate the surface, meaning that when cleaning the surface with a sanitizer of your choice, any surface bacteria or viruses will be fully removed.

Rust resistance

A sleek modern look for your premises, stainless-steel will continue to keep its good looks for many years as it is a hardy metal, corrosion resistant regardless of how often you clean it with chemicals.

Stainless-steel has a high percentage of chromium, and when exposed to water, air, and astringent chemicals, the chromium forms a layer of oxide which prevents corrosion.

It is, however, possible to corrode stainless-steel if it’s incorrectly cared for and this includes improper cleaning where not all dirt is removed from its surface if chemicals are not fully rinsed from the surface with each clean.

Not drying the stainless-steel fully after cleaning can lead to corrosion, as can using cleaning materials such as steel wool or brushes, that scour the surface of the metal.

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