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Why Campers Should Take a Kershaw Knife On their Next Camping Trip

Many campers keep an eye on the market for the latest camping products to prepare for the unpredictable. A Kershaw knife is one of the most important tools to have on hand in the woods. It can prevent unfortunate accidents, has innovative safety features, and challenging for children to open. Read on to find out why you need a knife for your next camping trip.

Prevent Unfortunate Accidents with SpeedSafe Feature

The SpeedSafe system is one of the innovative features of a Kershaw knife. It allows the user to open the knife by pulling the blade protrusion or pushing the thumb stud. The blade does not slip out easily when closed, and it is secure while in use.

Innovative Tip Safety Lock Keeps Children Safe

Accidents can occur at any time, especially when children are involved. The innovative tip safety lock is a feature on this set of knives that prevent accidental deployment. You must apply pressure to the handle for the blade to flick open. This feature keeps your children safe if they happen to get a hold of the tool. Furthermore, children would have a hard time opening the knife without help from an adult.

Easy to Transport

Transporting your camping supplies is another thing to consider. A pocketknife is something that you should be able to carry anywhere. This set of knives are not too heavy but sturdy enough to complete camping tasks.

Safety, durability, and a focus on sharpness are essential things to look for in a knife. Your survival in the woods may depend on the use of this tool. Contact Viper-Tec Knives at for great deals on outdoor accessories.