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3 Tips to Boost the Efficiency of Your Injection Molding Process

When you make use of prototype injection molding in Orange County CA, you have the ability to create plastic containers of any shape or size. An injection molding machine can be used to create large quantities of the types of containers you need, but the process will only be as efficient as the machine’s operator. If you operate this type of machinery in your organization, the following tips can be helpful.

Don’t Interrupt the Production Process
As you begin operating the machine, it may take some minor tinkering to get the equipment operating according to your specifications. However, once you make your adjustments, let the machine run uninterrupted. As it runs for longer, it will apply your adjustments more efficiently and produce a better product. Each time you stop and start the machine, you’ll be starting this process all over.

Keep the Hopper Full
The hopper that supplies the resin to the injection molding machine should be kept full at all times. Letting the supply get too low will disrupt the molding process, and that will likely cause several minutes of downtime. Conversely, making sure the feed is continuously full will help you create quality products consistently.

Don’t Dismiss Cooling
The cooling process used in prototype injection molding in Orange County, CA, is also an important consideration. This part of the production process may also have to be adjusted. Cooling the product too quickly can result in subpar products that won’t stand up to quality control testing. You can avoid warping and defects by establishing a gradual and consistent cooling process.

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