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Learn About the Role of Agriculture in National and International Trade

When most people think about international trade, they think about technology and other industries common in the developed world. What they often forget is the role that agriculture plays in international trade. This is nothing new. Empires have risen and fallen based on their ability to trade agricultural goods. There are many countries that are known for having bulls for sale or for their sale of tobacco, sugar, rice, and tea.

When it comes to food, the world has become interdependent. Wheat, sugar, and other products are grown on one side of the globe have become a major source of food for people on the opposite side of the globe. When there is healthy agriculture, imports are minimized, exports increase and relations between countries are strengthened.

Even within a country, bulls for sale, sugar, wheat, and other essential forms of agriculture are a major part of the economy.

For example, states like Wisconsin or Minnesota might be known for their ability to produce and distribute dairy. Other states, like Texas, might be known for their ability to produce cattle. The trade between states is a vital part of the country’s internal economy.

When there is a breakdown in trade and when there is a disruption in the distribution of food, people suffer. On the supply end, sellers are not able to make the money that they need because no one is buying. On the demand end, families are not able to purchase the food that they need because no one is selling.