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Best Tips for How to Safely Sell an iPhone for Cash in New York

Many iPhone users sell their phones when a new model comes out to help offset the cost. While this is a common practice, privacy concerns are real and sellers need to take steps to make sure their information doesn’t get sold with the phone. Here are some tips to help sellers safely sell an iPhone for cash.

BackUp the Data

Before selling the phone, sellers need to back up their data. This is an important part of the selling process because the phone must be wiped clean. Sellers who take the time to complete this step won’t lose their data and it should transfer seamlessly to the new phone.

Deactivate Find My Phone

The reason for this step is to help the new owner use the phone as it’s intended. Sometimes, when a person buys a used phone, and the previous owner didn’t deactivate this feature, the new owner can’t activate the phone.

Sign Out of iMessage

Staying in contact with friends and family is important and no one wants their messages to be stuck somewhere between their old phone and their new phone. Signing out of iMessage before selling the phone makes it easy to stay in touch and messages won’t get lost. This is a very crucial step for people who are switching from iPhone to Android.

Unpair All Device

Any devices such as air pods, Apple pens, watches, and any other paired device must be unpaired.

iPhone users who have questions about the steps to take to safely sell an iPhone for cash should contact the team at using the website for more step-by-step instructions.

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