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Tips for Selecting Online Editing Services

Writing is a passion for many. Spending time revising, editing, and proofreading copy is not a glamorous part of the process. However, it is one that often holds authors and writers back.

Savvy writers turn to online editing services to refine the language, correct mistakes, and to identify areas where changes increase clarity. Different types of writing and documents require a variety of editing services. Choosing the right editing service takes the stress out of the process, freeing you up to spend time doing what you enjoy.

Document Type and Editing Service

Not all online editing services have expertise and experience in working on all types of documents. The skills needed to edit a technical book are very different than those required to capture the reader’s imagination in a work of fiction. Take a few minutes and review the service’s website to match your document type with their area of expertise.

Contact for Work Provided by the Service

Professional online editing services contract for the work they commit to providing for the author or writer. This contact should provide a clear and detailed listing of the steps involved in the process.

There should be multiple reviews by the editing service. Most documents will go through an initial review with edits, changes by the author, a quality check, and final revisions and review by the author. Finally, those revisions are incorporated into the completed document that is then ready to be published.