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Best Benefits of Using Stick-on Labels for Your Children’s Clothing in CA

Every parent knows the frustration of buying their children new clothes and then having it come up missing somehow shortly afterward. However, this problem can be greatly reduced if they use clothing labels. Here are some of the benefits of using the stick-on variety.

Easy To Use

Unlike non-adhesive labels, there are no special skills required to use them. If you buy iron-on labels, you also need to have an iron, a piece of equipment that is not exactly in wide use anymore. To make matters worse, if you have never used an iron before, you run the risk of burning either yourself or the clothes or even both. Fabric labels that need to be sewn on the clothing fare no better in the ease-of-use department as most do not know how to sew anymore. Again, there is also the risk of injury because if you do not know what you are doing, it is quite easy to poke yourself in the finger. It is much easier to simply use stick-on labels.

Easy to Remove

Stick-on clothing labels are very easy to remove. You just follow the directions on the packaging and they are removed in seconds with no residue left behind. This means no ruined clothing like what can sometimes happen with other labeling methods.

No Mixed-Up Clothes

Sometimes when there are sleepovers, kids can mix up their clothing. This can make it hard to differentiate between whose is whose. When the clothing has a label with the child’s name on it, there is no doubt as to who it belongs to.

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