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Add Beauty to Your Home Instantly with a New Vinyl Mailbox Post

Curb appeal begins with the little details that will set your home apart from all of the others. No detail should be overlooked. This includes the mailbox. A quick and easy way to instantly enhance your home’s beauty is to install a mailbox post covered in vinyl. It will turn a necessity into a lovely feature.

Low Maintenance

Wood mailbox posts require a lot of care. They routinely need to be scraped and repainted in order to look nice. They are also subject to rot and infestations. Opting for a vinyl version eliminates all of these burdens and leaves you with an attractive post.

Variety of Style

When choosing your new mailbox post, you will find that there are a variety of vinyl styles available. They come with additions such as flower boxes to help them blend in with the landscaping. There are also double post options. All of these are offered in a wide range of colors. This allows you to coordinate with your house colors.


Vinyl mailbox post comes with some pretty nice extras. You have the ability to add an aluminum sign post so you can display your name and house number, or house numbers in brass can be applied directly to the post.

Make the Change Today

If you would like low maintenance, an attractive feature that will add curb appeal to your home, consider installing a carefree vinyl mailbox post.