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3 Tips For Choosing the Best Moving Company in Greenville, SC

Whether you’re moving just a few blocks away or relocating to a new state, moving is one of the most stressful life events you’ll face. Fortunately, hiring movers can help ease most of that stress, but only if you hire a reliable and reputable company. This overview pinpoints a few things to look for as you browse for moving company quotes in Greenville, SC.

Don’t Pay Upfront
If a moving company asks you to pay part of your fee upfront, you should think twice about hiring them. Most reputable movers will never ask for a large deposit or payment in advance. Often, families that pay a big upfront fee don’t see their belongings again.

Avoid a Blanket Estimate
When seeking moving company quotes in Greenville, SC, pay attention to the layout of the estimate. In particular, make sure it’s not a blanket estimate, or one which doesn’t spell out exactly what charges you’ll be expected to pay. If you agree to an estimate that isn’t itemized, you could end up paying extra because your new apartment is on the second floor or because your sofa was heavier than you estimated.

Keep a Detailed Inventory
If something is lost or damaged during the move, you will want to be able to file a claim to have the item replaced. You’ll have to document the loss, so be sure to keep a detailed inventory of each box. It can also help you to take pictures of the contents of each box before sealing it. Once a box is full and sealed, be sure to label it so you know exactly where every item is located.

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