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Deep Cleaning Tips From Professionals in Toronto

Making sure that your home is clean on a daily or regular basis is very important for a happy and healthy home. However, it’s just as important to do the occasional deep clean where you get all of the nooks and crannies. You can do this yourself, or hire deep cleaning services in Toronto. Here are some things to remember.

Eliminate Toilet Odours

Toilets can smell worse and worse over time as bacteria builds up. No amount of flushing will remove it. Empty the water in the tank, and block the siphons with some duct tape. Then, fill the bowl with cleaning vinegar and flush it down. Leave it for 8 hours, and you will find that your toilet smells clean and fresh, and it will be bacteria free.


You can wash your pillows in the washing machine. Place some tennis balls in the dryer drum so that they keep the pillows plumpy. Hang your pillows outside and let the sun’s UV rays disinfect them and get them smelling fresh.

Clean Your Tools
Any deep cleaning services Toronto professional will tell you that if your brooms, dust pans, and mops aren’t clean, then you aren’t getting the home properly clean. Make sure to clean them using warm water and dish soap, or use a disinfectant bleach. That way, you won’t just be spreading dirt around when you are trying to clean up.

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