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Experience Enlightenment and Tradition at a Classic Church in Greektown

In the ever-changing material world, it can be difficult to find solace in the traditions that many Catholic parishioners hold dear. With newer parishes and newer churches in use all over the country, there’s a quality that is sometimes missing. This is a quality that cannot be duplicated nor accounted for, but rather, an intangible feeling that exudes spiritual comfort and illumination. Thankfully, this is a quality that can easily be found right here in downtown Detroit.

You can find this solace in the oldest German Catholic Church in Detroit, and the third oldest church in the city overall. In service for well over 180 years, this parish offers services staffed with clergy from the Congregation of the Holy Spirit (CSSp). Here you will find a magnificent and ornate 130-year old Church with classical Romanesque architecture and three grottoes, with a school and a convent also on church grounds. You will also find that the parish offers a variety of music including Gregorian Chant, a bustling and rewarding parish community with an active social calendar, and even offers the time-honored experience of traditional latin mass in Detroit on Sunday mornings.

If you are looking to experience a traditional latin mass in Detroit, a closer bond to community or more, please visit us. We are the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, better known locally as Old St. Marys, and enjoy the Divine Presence. You can visit the church in historic Greektown, or you can visit Old St. Marys online at for more information. You will be happy that you did.