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How Planetary Mixers Can Help You Produce High-Quality Product?

A planetary mixer is an ideal component if you want to thoroughly mix ingredients that are extremely viscous. These days, it’s widely used in industries such as dental pastes, electronics, adhesives and more.

  • Advantages

    The name is derived from the functioning of how the blades rotate on their own individual axis while simultaneously orbiting inside the tank. This unique design of the industrial planetary mixer allows for a uniform blending of all the elements in the tank. Using these machines in production gives manufacturers the ability to mix high viscous liquids effectively.
  • Selection

    When selecting a planetary mixer for your project you want to be sure that get a mixer that will suit your blending needs. You want no know what your minimum and maximum batches will be so that the machine can be sized properly. Other aspects you want to take into consideration is if you require heating or cooling elements, if you need a side wall scrapper, or a variable frequency drive for the motor.

There are many other more features that the mixers can be equipped with to ensure that every batch that is manufactured can be repeated with consistency. You want to be sure when ordering an industrial planetary mixer that you have it equipped with all the features you require.

Our planetary mixers are not made for the this type of industry and are different from the ones that look like a giant Kitchen Aid mixer. If you go to our website you would see the difference and understand better the type of mixer this is.

If you’re not sure which type of industrial planetary mixer is right for your project, it’s better to consult an expert. They can help you in the decision-making process and prevent costly mistakes.

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