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Tips For Finding Quality Hemp Packaging For Dispensary Displays

Setting up a dispensary to have a distinctive look and customer experience is critical in a highly competitive market. For those offering hemp products and cannabis through the dispensary, finding the best hemp packaging to preserve the product while also drawing attention to the display is critical.

As a general guideline, all cannabis and hemp packaging requires the same safety protocols and features. Always verify with any packaging selected meets the specific regulations for use in your state. This information is readily available through the state government website.

Childproof Packaging

Childproof packaging is essential for both home storage and retail displays of all hemp and cannabis products. Childproof lids must meet the compliance requirements for packaging to avoid any type of accidental access by kids to the contents of the container.

The top options in display packaging also offer tamper-evident locking lids, which is necessary to help to reduce theft, loss, and possible contamination of the contents.

Air Tight Lid

Both personal and retail hemp packaging options should have an airtight seal on the lid. This is essential in preventing moisture in the air from degrading the quality of the hemp and preventing mold from developing on the product.

Theft Loss Measures

In addition to a tamper-evident and locking lid, security tethers are a wise choice to reduce theft and loss. These optional features anchor the display to the counter or display shelf, allowing the customer to handle the jar for visibility but not allowing the jar to be moved from the area.
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