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People Who Seek Solutions in Washing Systems Go to the Solution Maker

Heavy-duty tote tanks are appropriate for storing such items as milk or wine, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and even petroleum products. Totes are also excellent for the mixing of diverse products like polyurethane and plastics. Efficient Tote Washers, therefore, ensure there is no cross-contamination of products.

“Red Head” TW-100

The TW-100 Series washer uses a spray pressure of over 350 PSI and 20 gallons per minute for cleaning interior surfaces. The nozzle design provides overall tote coverage while assuring reduced vapor exposure.

This Tote Washer not only saves time as compared to manual cleaning, but it also cleans totes more efficiently. Washing automatically or manually lends flexibility and recirculating the wash solution minimizes waste.

“Red Head” TW-300

The TW-300 Series washer efficiently cleans totes and open-top portable tanks of between 23- and 80-inches in diameter. The TW-300 Series also uses a high-pressure, high-volume spray that assures all interior surfaces are effectively cleaned.

This equipment, with its economical Drum Washer option, is excellent for cleaning open-top 55-gallon drums and is comprised of the following components:

– Pressure Wash Pump

– Wash-Solution Take-Away Pump

– Clean-wash Medium Rinse Pump

When the wash cycle concludes, the clean rinse solution activates. The volume used is typically less than 3 gallons. Wash times are generally 3- to 5-minute cycles. The washer nozzle, geared to avert free-wheel spinning, is governed by the wash solution flow and the spray pattern delivers maximum effectiveness and full coverage.

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