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Is a Solar Battery in Rhode Island Worth the Investment?

Time of day demand charges makes up a significant portion of your electricity bill. Advancement through solar batteries is a sustainable solution to reduce these charges, although requiring a substantial upfront investment. Before investing, it’s vital to consider these circumstances to make sure you’re making the right decision.

How Much Does a Solar Battery Cost?

The installation of solar batteries saves the energy that solar panels produce when you need more electricity. Solar batteries reduce peak energy use while lowering electricity costs. They are especially beneficial when you encounter power outages, and you need electricity for work and utilities. On average, You can expect to pay between $400 and $800 per kWh for solar batteries, not including the costs for installation. However, many companies offer programs like the Demand Battery Rebate Program from Connected Solutions to help you reduce these expenses.

Avoid Time of Day Demand Charges

Time of day demand charges refers to the rate of your highest average electricity usage during a specific period throughout the day. The prices and peak demand periods vary depending on the maximum amount of power utilized in any interval (usually 15 minutes). Therefore, it makes financial sense to invest in battery back-up systems to avoid these hefty charges. Battery back-up systems store solar energy to provide power for your demand period, regardless of the time of the day or weather. They are hooked up with a solar array to jumpstart your energy consumption and store them for future use. Solar batteries can also serve as a source of back-up energy.

Take Advantage of the ConnectedSolutions Battery Demand Rebate Program

The ConnectedSolutions program is beneficial in sustaining your energy consumption through solar and battery systems. At the same time, you can get paid to do it. You can take advantage of the Battery Rebate Program by using the following Green Power Energy affiliated companies: 

Generac(Formerly Pika Energy)

The program helps you get compensated for the energy you supply while supporting the environment. Battery storage systems reduce fossil fuels to help you transition to the utilization of renewable energy. You can receive $400 per kW for the summer and up to $50 per kW for the winter.


Along with rest, the program with SolarEdge runs for five years, which can give you $400 per kW performed per summer.


Keep in mind that this is a performance-based program based on your average power during peak periods. Powerwall can earn as much as $1,000 each year for merely participating in the program. You can still make as much as $290 a year, even without pairing your systems with solar generation.

Seasonal incentives depend on your battery system performance, which can be associated with its size, configuration, internet connectivity, etc. You can also receive a discount for your installation when you avail of these seasonal incentives. Another way to reduce extra costs is exclusive for ConnectedSolutions Battery customers. Customers can apply to HEAT loans to be eligible for zero interest rates. These can reduce equipment and labor costs of installing the battery storage system.

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