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Ditch Mascaras and False Lashes by Choosing Eyelash Extensions Salons in Tampa

Long, full eyelashes are a sign of youth. Many women try to recreate a set of lush lashes at home with layers of mascara, but the results are not always appealing. Others try to glue on false lashes everyday, but this can be both time consuming and messy. Instead of dealing with inconsistent results, consider visiting Eyelash Extensions Salons in Tampa. Extensions are a lasting solution for women who want long and thick eyelashes.

Many salons are now offering lash extensions to their customers. It takes about two hours to apply a full set. The technician will glue individual hairs to each eyelash. Since the customer’s eyes will be closed during the procedure, there is no worry of glue getting into the eyes. The glue is semi-permanent, and the extensions will fall out naturally when the eyelash sheds. Avoid getting new eyelash extensions wet for the first 48 hours, as water may weaken the glue bond. Unlike other alternatives, eyelash extensions last almost a month before they need to be touched up or replaced.

Customers are able to choose both the material and length of the extensions. Most extensions are offered in silk, mink, or synthetic hair. The material will determine both the color and thickness of the extensions. When it comes to picking the best length, most salon professionals will recommend customers begin with shorter extensions. Longer lashes are available, but they may be uncomfortable for first-time users. Some eyelash extensions in Tampa even suggest that new wearers try out a half set of lashes at first, to make sure they don’t experience any discomfort. Getting extensions is completely painless, and although allergic reactions may occur, they are very rare.

There is no need to wear mascara with eyelash extensions. The new lashes should appear thicker and darker without the use of makeup. However, individuals who do wish to apply mascara should only do so on the tips of the lashes. Running a mascara brush through the length of the lashes may loosen the extensions. Water-proof mascaras should be avoided.

Eyelash extensions are a long-lasting option for women looking to achieve a fuller set of lashes. These extensions should only be applied by a salon professional, and you can read the full info here on the application process. Lash extensions eliminate the need for messy mascaras and uncomfortable false lashes, and they provide superior results.