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Chemical Solutions Made Easy With DisChem’s Electron Beam Lithography

DisChem Inc. is on the job ready to help your organization succeed. Manufacturing small parts for the electronics industry can be exhausting. We want to make it simple. Our adhesion promoters make an electron beam lithography system work excellently. If you are having trouble with getting your metals to stick to a surface, we are ready to help.

A busy factory is humming with activity. Technicians are buzzing around their circuit boards, gently placing copper traces on top of silicon. The idea is to make perfect electronic parts. However, there is a problem. The copper just will not stick properly to the silicon. It wears off easily. This dilemma has the managers puzzled. What solution will enable their fabrication process to work? Finally, they come upon an answer. Hire DisChem Inc. Why? DisChem Inc. has the tools and adhesion agents necessary to make sure that the copper will stick to the silicon. Everyone on the factory floor is ecstatic with glee. They now have the solution to their problem. After a quick call to DisChem Inc., the managers await the arrival of several bottles of microlithography adhesion promoters. When the bottles arrive, manufacturing begins again, this time with more fervor.

If this little story highlights some needs in your organization, we want to help you out. DisChem Inc. is dedicated to making microlithography work for its many customers. An electron beam lithography system requires care and consideration. Contact us today at 814-772-6603. Our sales team is just waiting to answer your questions.