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Criteria to Expect from Your Customized Vehicle Parking Turntable

Turntables are important fixtures to have in any dealership. They allow the public to better see the premier cars that you are selling. They also add dimension and class to the showroom.

However, when you plan on ordering them for your showroom, you may wonder what criteria to expect out of them. These qualities are some to request when you order your vehicle parking turntable from the manufacturer today.

Weight Bearing Qualities

You may not plan on displaying the same car all the time on the turntable. In fact, you might rotate out cars and even display different models from time to time.

Regardless, you need the turntable to be able to bear the weight of any vehicle that you display on it. You need to ask the manufacturer to make it so that it can handle even the heaviest of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs on it.

Customized Speed

You also may want your turntable to rotate a customized speed. You may want it to rotate quickly one day to catch people’s attention. However, the next day, you might want it to rotate slowly or even hold still.

The manufacturer can install a control feature that lets you set the pace. You can choose from day to day how fast your turntable rotates.

These features are some to look for when you place an order for a vehicle parking turntable. You can find out more by contacting Carousel USA at (866) 796-5975..