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Why Quartz Is a Popular Choice for Kitchen Countertops in Doral

Kitchen counter upgrades are common home improvements in Doral primarily because they offer so many advantages. Homeowners can improve function, add beauty, and increase home value in a single project. Many area residents maximize benefits when they install Quartz kitchen countertops in Doral. The elegant, exceptionally hard stone can be used to create durable, sanitary surfaces. No two Quartz slabs are alike, giving new counters a unique beauty that immediately adds value.

Quartz Counters Are Family Friendly

Clients with kitchens that are heavily used by families often install Quartz kitchen countertops in Doral. Contractors add sealers to new counters, which adds to their natural durability. Quartz is extremely hard and hard to nick even when family members place heavy pots or metal objects on surfaces. Quartz will resist scratching if pets walk across counters. Family cooks also like Quartz because it is perfectly flat. That makes it ideal for rolling out the dough and other functions that require smooth, cool surfaces.

Quartz Countertops Add Beauty and Value

Many customers install Quartz countertops to add a unique, elegant touch to their homes. Quartz slabs take on the colors and patterns of the stones they were cut from, and no two are alike. This unique look is one reason why adding Quartz counters instantly increases home values.

Quartz Is Easy to Maintain

Homeowners also choose Quartz when they want counters that will stay beautiful with minimal care. Quartz cleans up easily with just soap and water. It is non-porous and does not trap grime or food. Bacteria does not collect and pose a danger to food. Even if a serious accident or abuse nicks or breaks the surface, a contractor can restore it. Technicians use a putty-like substance dyed to match the counter. When they finish, it is impossible to see repairs.

Homeowners who want to increase home values and beauty in a single project often install Quartz countertops. Quartz is durable and easy to maintain. It can take a lot of punishment and requires minimal upkeep to stay beautiful for decades.