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Aera-vator: The Go-To Sports Field Turf Equipment Used By Pros

Looking out from your window, you begin to admire the beautiful color changes of the season. As you do, you look down, however, and notice your lawn is also starting to change. Unlike the varying colors of red, orange, and yellow your lawn is starting to look like a dead brownish color. Uninspired by its color, you turn around and head over to the den to watch a game of football on the television. As you cheer on your favorite team, you start to admire the turf they are playing on and begin to randomly wonder about its maintenance. Today, we will talk about the aera-vator, what it does, and why it is the go-to sports field turf equipment used by professionals.

What It Does

Growing and maintaining a healthy turf can be challenging with the varying climates, soil types, and foot traffic. An aera-vator is one of the most common and necessary sports field turf equipment used to grow and maintain healthy turf. This type of equipment provides better air and water filtration to help support and deepen root growth in the soil. Typically, the machine will use vibrating tines to loosen the soil all around and underneath without punching holes in the surface.

Why Use It?

Aera-vators are used by turf professionals because using it allows the roots to grow stronger and deeper, providing a healthier and more vibrant turf. This means turf can be healthy and beautiful all year long when using this particular type of equipment. It comes in varying-sized frames and may allow the use of different types of shafts, giving professional growers versatility and flexibility no matter how large the sports field is.

When considering purchasing this specific sports field turf equipment, consider purchasing from a reliable company. Purchasing from a reliable and reputable company will ensure you will be purchasing the highest quality equipment and accessories for all your turf needs.

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