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What is It Really Like to Go Glamping in San Diego These Days?

If you are like most people, then you have undoubtedly heard the term “glamping” being thrown around here and there, but what does it really mean to go glamping today? Glamping is a glamorous form of camping that mixes the modern luxuries of life with traditional camping. In this way, you can enjoy the pleasures of sleeping under the stars without sacrificing the comforts of home, but today’s glamping takes the experience quite a bit further than you might expect.

Go Camping with All the Perks

When you go glamping today, you don’t just have a tent or an RV to sleep in at night, because you are also given access to a ton of highly desirable amenities. In fact, modern glamping takes place in a resort-style atmosphere that is designed to accommodate your every need. Thus, you can find an abundance of recreational amenities at a modern campground ranging from marina slips to skateparks. That way you will always have plenty of activities to enjoy throughout your vacation.

Glamping Comes with Boat Slips, Gaming and Live Music

Mission Bay marina slips not only come with the perfect place to launch and park your boat, but they also have unique features like a game room and a basketball court so that there’s always plenty of fun activities available that your whole family can enjoy. These unique properties now also offer special features like Wi-Fi access to keep you in touch with the modern world while you enjoy campfires right there on the bay. In fact, these places even come with exceptional features like complete markets and an ice cream parlor so that you just might not even feel like you ever left home. Whether you want to park your boat in Mission Bay marina slips, or just go camping on the bay, contact Campland at (800) 422-9386.