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Quality Angus Beef Cows for Sale that will Improve any Breeding Program

Whether you’re just getting started with beef cattle or you’ve been raising them for years, you want to make your herd the best it can be. Adding one or more of our cows will help you to improve your herd by bringing in the qualities you want when producing beef.

Our Cows are Bred for Superior Genetics

Our line has been around for over 60 years, and we’ve worked to maintain the basic quality while also working to improve the line. You’ll find that our cows bring highly desirable traits such as rapid feed conversion and dependable calving to your herd. They also have solid conformation and are true to type.

Our Herd Doesn’t Follow the Trends

Anyone who has been in the cattle industry for any length of time has seen the trends come and go. This year cattle should be tall, then they should be short, or there is some other trend at the moment that dictates the cattle should be somehow different than they are. We don’t go for that. We breed good, solid cattle with superior genetics that can be counted on to bring positive changes to any herd. We have beef cows for sale that are true to type and are not bred for the current fashion trend.

Our Cattle Have an Excellent Feed Conversion Rate

People used to claim that the feed conversion rate for cattle didn’t matter, so why worry about it. Now, most people understand that the better the cattle are at feed conversion, the faster they will grow on less feed because there’s less waste. When you buy one of our cows, you’ll be bringing this positive aspect into your herd, so that future generations won’t cost you as much to raise. We can help you choose which of our beef cows for sale is best for your herd and get you on your way to herd improvement.