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Is a Stretch Wrap Machine Right for Your Manufacturing Company?

If you work in a warehouse, factory or in any other manufacturing type setting, you know which of the various day to day tasks are the most difficult and time consuming to perform. Perhaps the task that most employees dislike the most is manually wrapping finished products for shipment. Fortunately, a stretch wrap machine can greatly improve this task in your manufacturing process and make it much more enjoyable for your employees.

* Increase Product Stability

It is common to stack large volumes of items onto a pallet in order to ship them. When it comes time to wrap these products, the pallet can easily become unstable, especially when using a standard turn-table style shrink wrappers. By using the right kind of stretch wrap machine, even long, over-sized products, which are common in a manufacturing setting, can be securely wrapped to the product.

Reduce Injuries

Injured workers decrease the overall morale and profitability of the company. Injuries cost your company valuable money in time off and workers’ compensation claims. Workers who have to hand wrap products can suffer from various ergonomic injuries. Using a stretch wrapping machine can help to eliminate these types of injuries.

Decrease Wasted Time and Increase Productivity

Decreases in productivity can result in an increase in overtime, which can effect a company’s bottom line. It is the goal of every company to have their workforce be as productive as possible within their normal working hours, but faulty or limited equipment can result in poor performance and reduced efficiencies. If your company is still hand wrapping product for shipment, the implementation of an orbital stretch wrap machine will allow (1) employee to wrap most loads in a minute or less. As a result, your company can experience an increase in throughput and a decrease in the need for costly overtime hours.