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Why It’s Important To Keep Mice Out Of Your New York City Home

If you think you might have seen a mouse run across the floor of your home, you probably did, and there are many more behind the walls and in the attic that you didn’t see. While mice look cute, the truth is that it’s important for health, safety and other reasons to rid your home of them, and it’s best to turn to a professional offering pest control services NYC to get the job done.


Mice sometimes carry harmful bacteria and pathogens as they scurry around. The diseases that they spread include salmonella, hantavirus and even bubonic plague! Furthermore, pets, especially cats, are at risk of disease if they kill and eat mice.


Mice have teeth that are always growing, and they have an endless need to chew on things. Sometimes, they chew on the electrical cords that run through attics and walls, which can lead to fires. A professional offering pest control services NYC can establish a perimeter around your property that keeps mice outside where they belong.


Not only can mice start fires by chewing on wires, they can also ruin appliances such as freezers with their sharp teeth. Furthermore, they can turn almost any area into a disgusting space with their droppings. Mice also like to nest in duct work, and their smell spreads through the house. Turn to the experienced and expert team at

Beyond Pest Control to get your New York City home free of mice.